Farm and hunting club

Razvitie Group made a deal on the purchase of an estate with hunting grounds in Pskov Oblast on December 21, 2017. The overall area of the estate is more than 0.02 sq. miles. Being located near Molodi village, the hunting grounds extend for more than 290 sq. miles. There are Hunting club «Molodi» and farm of wild animals «LOV».

The green forest with an eco-friendly environment grew after the large fire in old time and became home for many different species of wild animals and birds such as hazel grouse, blackcock, hare, wood grouse, mink, badger, moose, muskrat, marten, roe deer, fox, lynx, partridge, hog, wolf and brown bear.

At the “LOV” farm we raise wild animals (such as boars, pheasants, blackcocks, guinea fowls and the others) using emerging technologies in an eco-friendly environment, and have arranged an updated slaughterhouse producing chilled and frozen meat. We do not use hormonal or chemical additives. Our animals regularly undergo veterinary inspection. Our chief goal is to adjust wild game serial supplies to the Russian market as well as to foreign one.

Besides, within the territory the exclusive hunting club “Molodi” functions alongside the farm and offers an exciting hunting and fowling in the wild Pskov forest. Due to surfeit of hunting trophies, we can supply a game of wild animals raised free in the forest.

Farm and hunting club
Hunting club "Molodi"